Shaping the Future of Biopharma through Next-Generation Contract Drug Manufacturing

CEO Frank Mathias’ cover feature in Pharma’s Almanac

With the biopharmaceutical industry undergoing significant transformation, it is essential that CDMOs evolve to meet the intricate, dynamic needs of their clients. As a family-owned business backed by strong partnerships – with an outlook toward the future and a commitment to continue to build sustainably – our company has gleaned external insights into trends and challenges in the biopharmaceutical industry that will guide how the organization operates over the long term. This forms the foundation of our vision – “Strategy 2025”.

We are focusing on expanding services and building up strategic alliances with technology leaders that provide complementary services to simplify the clients’ complex challenges with best-fit solutions. Reducing time to market with the highest quality services, are top priority –– not only in the core business of bioprocess development and manufacturing, but in project management, regulatory support, and consulting. In addition to these alliances with technology providers, our company is building long-term partnerships with clients in order to function as an extension of their operations, thus providing more strategic and holistic support.

Learn more about our vision and the people driving it in the cover issue of Pharma’s Almanac featuring our CEO Frank Mathias.