We share the same DNA

Rentschler Biopharma and Vetter cooperate to accelerate biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

Frank Mathias, our CEO and Vetter Managing Director, Peter Soelkner spoke to CHEManager about our strategic collaboration, and what it means in practice.

"Our CDMOs have teamed up with the goal to simplify the development and production of complex biopharmaceuticals. This collaboration was driven by the client need, in an increasingly complex world, to have access to all services from a single source. Although we are two companies, we shall work together seamlessly to provide outstanding services. By optimizing interfaces, processes, and communication with Vetter, we can together simplify the entire process for our clients and save time", shared Frank Mathias.

"Our clients seek competent partners who are able to produce high-quality active pharmaceutical ingredients and who are also well-versed in formulation. These in combination with an expertise in Fill & Finish, is what clients look for to accelerate processes in clinical development. Therefore, it is crucial for us at Vetter and Rentschler to coordinate seamlessly and put a uniform project management in place for each client with a consistent view of the value chain", said Peter Soelkner.

Learn more about our strategic collaboration with Vetter in the full interview (in German).

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